Thursday, March 30, 2006

i love you grandmama!

My grandmama is one of the sweetest, kindest people I know. She loves pretty flowers, especially wildflowers and has always loved tending her gardens. She now has Alzheimer's and is very rapidly declining. But she is still so pleasant to be around and she still loves her pretty flowers. This trillium photo was taken at her house last Mother's Day. I have several plants in my gardens that came from her. She gave me these beautiful daylilies and some gorgeous varieties of hosta, as well. I love you grandmama!

i couldn't wait...

to get home from the grocery, that is! I had to open it and drink it! Isn't this the cutest glass? I bought the pomegranate lychee green tea, but there were about 4 different varieties at the store and it cost about $2.49. It was worth it to get the glass! And the tea was pretty good, too.

I can't wait for the pretty flowers to start blooming in my garden again! The daylilies, daisies, and blackeyed susans are all coming up and the rosemary is blooming! Spring is here!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

sew-i-knit ... I'm signed up!

I just signed up for the sew-i-knit sew-along! I am really looking forward to what everyone is going to come up with. This month's theme is bags and that is right up my alley! I also just bought some gorgeous fabric that I'll get to play with! Here's a peek at what I might use for my bag/bags...

Friday, March 24, 2006

busy, busy, busy

Well, it's been quite some time since I updated here. We have just been so busy, that I haven't taken the time. I really want to keep this going so at least I'll have a way of looking back at what I've accomplished.

Today -- I'll be sewing this morning, having lunch with my youngest at school, sewing some more and going to my middle child's soccer game this afternoon. That's a photo of her last fall playing on church league soccer (her first time playing). She tried out for her school team this year and made the team! I am so proud of her!

Then, tonight-- who knows? Probably more sewing. I'm working on costumes for a play one of my daughters is in - Peter Pan! I'm making 7 indian costumes.

Well, gotta get to work!