Thursday, February 26, 2009

mountain baby blankets

I was so excited yesterday to "happen" upon Rachel's blog, rachelcoxdesigns. Rachel is a single mom who watched Diane Sawyer's "A Hidden America" a couple of weeks ago and felt the calling to do something to help teenage moms in rural Appalachian Kentucky who don't have enough money to even buy blankets for their babies. She is organizing a handmade blanket drive, Mountain Baby Blankets, so these precious children will have a cozy blanket to cuddle under. Of course, their needs go much deeper than a warm blanket, but this is something that many go without after food, and some bills get paid. And, this is something that I can do!

I have joined many others who also want to bless these children and show the love of Christ through a blanket! I, too, saw the special that night before Valentine's and was touched by the extreme poverty and hopelessness so many of the people lived with. I am thankful that Rachel had the vision for her project and would like to invite as many as are willing to join her in this adventure. You can visit her blog here to read about the project and to sign up to help.

And, if you missed the special, click the photo below to go to abc to view it in its entirety. I promise, it will touch your heart and make you so grateful for what you have!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

coming soon to the shop...

pretty straps all in a row

These camera straps were all lined up in a row on my work table so I took a quick picture of them to give you a preview. They will all be listed in my shop as soon as I have the time to take decent photos of them.

patchwork pocket apron - oranges and greens

I just listed 6 of my new patchwork pocket aprons in the shop last night and today. And, I already sold one of them! Yay! I plan on doing more of these. They were so much fun, especially picking out the scraps for the patchwork pockets.

point and shoot wristlet strap

And, last up tonight, is a preview of my new wristlet point and shoot camera straps. They are awesome and come in all the cool fabrics my other straps do. I will also get some of these in the shop this week.

cute luggage tag waiting for an adventure

I am also working on a tutorial and a freebie for the printed tags for these sweet fabric luggage tags. I plan on doing these on my next show, along with a sunglasses case and a travel pouch to hold your passport, boarding passes, airline tickets, etc. Be watching for all the project sheets in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

new tutorials!

bath mat made from towel

I just posted two new tutorials in my sidebar for a bath mat and fabric-embellished towels to coordinate with my shower curtain. This was such an easy makeover I did for my kids' bathroom! Just a few hours, a few towels, and a little bit of beautiful fabric, and you can have the same results!

The awesome thing about the bath mat is that it's soft and easy to throw in the wash with your other towels. I was beginning to despise the rubber-backed things we had been using! And, it has an added bonus of being really pretty!

fabric-embellished bath towels

They were so easy, I am making another set for my bathroom!