Saturday, February 21, 2009

coming soon to the shop...

pretty straps all in a row

These camera straps were all lined up in a row on my work table so I took a quick picture of them to give you a preview. They will all be listed in my shop as soon as I have the time to take decent photos of them.

patchwork pocket apron - oranges and greens

I just listed 6 of my new patchwork pocket aprons in the shop last night and today. And, I already sold one of them! Yay! I plan on doing more of these. They were so much fun, especially picking out the scraps for the patchwork pockets.

point and shoot wristlet strap

And, last up tonight, is a preview of my new wristlet point and shoot camera straps. They are awesome and come in all the cool fabrics my other straps do. I will also get some of these in the shop this week.

cute luggage tag waiting for an adventure

I am also working on a tutorial and a freebie for the printed tags for these sweet fabric luggage tags. I plan on doing these on my next show, along with a sunglasses case and a travel pouch to hold your passport, boarding passes, airline tickets, etc. Be watching for all the project sheets in a couple of weeks.

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Ms. Tee said... much pretty goodness!! I love all the colors! Those luggage tags are an awesome idea! :)