Wednesday, February 11, 2009

new tutorials!

bath mat made from towel

I just posted two new tutorials in my sidebar for a bath mat and fabric-embellished towels to coordinate with my shower curtain. This was such an easy makeover I did for my kids' bathroom! Just a few hours, a few towels, and a little bit of beautiful fabric, and you can have the same results!

The awesome thing about the bath mat is that it's soft and easy to throw in the wash with your other towels. I was beginning to despise the rubber-backed things we had been using! And, it has an added bonus of being really pretty!

fabric-embellished bath towels

They were so easy, I am making another set for my bathroom!


Ms. Tee said...

Susie, that's adorable! I love the fluffy whiteness of the towel in the middle, too.

And I see some famous tootsies there! ;)

HomeSpun Threads said...

YAY! NEw ones! I love them!

Di said...

I absolutely love your bathroom accessories! The bathmat is a must because rugs just have to be gross after awhile where as bathmats can just be thrown in with the towels. Too cute! I'm loving it! Now if I only the time and talent....