Thursday, February 26, 2009

mountain baby blankets

I was so excited yesterday to "happen" upon Rachel's blog, rachelcoxdesigns. Rachel is a single mom who watched Diane Sawyer's "A Hidden America" a couple of weeks ago and felt the calling to do something to help teenage moms in rural Appalachian Kentucky who don't have enough money to even buy blankets for their babies. She is organizing a handmade blanket drive, Mountain Baby Blankets, so these precious children will have a cozy blanket to cuddle under. Of course, their needs go much deeper than a warm blanket, but this is something that many go without after food, and some bills get paid. And, this is something that I can do!

I have joined many others who also want to bless these children and show the love of Christ through a blanket! I, too, saw the special that night before Valentine's and was touched by the extreme poverty and hopelessness so many of the people lived with. I am thankful that Rachel had the vision for her project and would like to invite as many as are willing to join her in this adventure. You can visit her blog here to read about the project and to sign up to help.

And, if you missed the special, click the photo below to go to abc to view it in its entirety. I promise, it will touch your heart and make you so grateful for what you have!



Rachel said...

Lovely post! Thank you so much.

Glad to have you on board.


Ms. Tee said...

So great that you're doing this, Susie! :)