Thursday, January 17, 2008

new tutorials to download!

As I prepare for each of my classes and shows, I like to make simple tutorial sheets to go along with each project. This Friday, my show will be about simple baby gifts, so I am putting a link to each of the projects in my sidebar under tutorials. The first baby gift will be a burp cloth (really just an embellished cloth diaper).

baby burpcloths

These are so much nicer than just a white cloth diaper! You can color-coordinate them to your baby's wardrobe and fancy them up to your heart's content! When my children were babies, I made these and trimmed them with ribbons and lace for my girls. They were so much easier to keep up with in the church nursery and at play groups because they were unique and everyone knew who they belonged to.

Now that my youngest is 10, I don't personally have a need for burp cloths, but they make wonderful baby shower gifts. You can easily make a gift of 4 of these in under an hour! And what a thoughtful, personal gift! They are adorable with embroidery or a monogram, as well. Just make sure that any embellishment you do is soft and flat, as these will be next to baby's tender skin.

baby gift set

I will also be uploading a tutorial for the appliqued onesie and the minky blankie in the next few days!