Monday, May 15, 2006

thrifted goodness!!

I love to go thrift shopping! Aside from all the wonderful bargains you can get in the way of kids' clothing and such, I love looking for fabric! You can find such unique vintage linens, clothing, books, etc. Here are just a few of my finds from Saturday's outing!

This is a wonderful gold and black batik fabric. I'm not sure, but it may become a skirt or a very large bag.

This is a vintage bedsheet. I love the colors and just might make a skirt out of it as well. On second thought, it would make a lovely apron, don't you think?

And, yet another bedsheet. This one was still in its original packaging. It reminds me of the sheets we had when we were growing up!

And this was a skirt! I love the "japanese" butterfly print. If one of my girls will wear it, it will have a home. If not, I'll make it a home!

Definitely not least, is this cute, cute straw bag! I'll use this a lot at the pool this summer. I love these flowers!

More of my fun thrifted treasures to come soon!


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

My favs are the Japanese butterfly print and the large batik!

Natalie Joy said...

My mom has the yellow sheets with the small flower print in blue. they are probably about 25-30 years old (and of course my mom still has them).