Thursday, June 15, 2006

i love lemongrass!

I just finished making a batch of my favorite summertime soap.


Its earthy, citrusy, bright scent just makes me think summer. It also is great for repelling mosquitos. They hate the lovely scent of lemongrass.

There's also another reason this soap is one of my favorites. There was a dear, sweet lady in our local town that everyone knew as Miss Martha. She loved gardening and being outdoors. She taught swim lessons at our pool for at least 40 years and everyone loved her. As a matter of fact, the city pool is named in her honor. She was Ringgold's first city councilwoman and never minded standing up for what she believed in, despite pressure from other people. She was retired, but always busy serving others. She always put others first, and I'm sure I could never do her memory justice because I only knew her a few short years. Last November, she joined her beloved husband in heaven. Everyone misses her and it's hard to believe she's no longer here. Miss Martha was one of my customers, as well as a precious friend. And her favorite soap was my lemongrass soap. I will always think of her every time I smell the scent of lemongrass. So, I present to you, Miss Martha's Lemongrass Soap.

We loved you and miss you, Miss Martha!

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Anonymous said...

That is so sweet. I love your lemongrass soap, too. I was just telling Jeff the other day that I would like to have some of your hibiscus tea that you made one 4th of July. :) And I like the fabric you have the lemongrass soap sitting on! Trudy