Saturday, May 10, 2008

more tutorials added!

I have added three more tutorials to my sidebar for your downloading pleasure! I have to run now and teach a class, but I will add photos to this post to show you the goodies when I return!

*****Okay, I'm back! Here are the photos of the tutorials I just added!

The first is this snap wallet: snap wallet

Next up is a checkbook cover: checkbook cover

And lastly, is a zippered pouch: zipper pouch

Hope you enjoy them!
Love ya!


Anonymous said...

Very cute. You've always got something new up over here. :) I like how you added the sewing book thingy on the sidebar. Cool! - Trudy

elizabeth said...

I have been searching for a video on how to make a simple check book cover and i found one of your videos, but it didn't there a full tutorial on how to make one? by the way, i've hearted your shop on etsy! =) Thanks!


elizabeth said...

nevermind! i found your list of tutorials, i just didn't scroll down far enough! thank you! =)