Wednesday, August 16, 2006

georgia's new friend

georgia & sylvester
Originally uploaded by sushikat.
Our kitty, Georgia, loves our fish, Sylvester. He pretty much sits in the bottom of his bowl all the time except to come up for food. His bowl used to be on the kitchen counter by the sink until Georgia discovered it and began splashing the water everywhere. The highest place to put the bowl was on top of a bookshelf in our kitchen, which is about 5 1/2 feet tall. This deterred her for a very short time, because she quickly learned to jump on the corner of the table and then up to the top of the shelf.

She will sit and watch him for hours, sometimes batting at him through the glass, sometimes sneaking a drink of fish-flavored water, and sometimes falling asleep beside the bowl. I snapped this photo the other night when they were both sitting and staring at one another.

Makes you wonder what they're thinking!


Anonymous said...

I will give you a hint about what Georgia is thinking...she wants a McSylvester sandwich! :) The fish is smart to hang at the bottom. haha! Trudy

Elizabeth K said...

Very cute photo.