Monday, August 28, 2006

so. proud.

Anna's first cross country meet
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Anna is one of the most determined (at times downright stubborn) people I know and I am so proud of her for that determination. This is her first year running cross country and she's doing great! They had their first practice meet last Thursday and will have their first official meet this Thursday. Out of over 100 girls, she came in 34th. But, she's not satisfied with that. She wants her team to win, so she'll be pushing to do better. Last year, our school was brand new, and the cross country team won first place in the North Georgia Region. We are looking to have another strong team this year. Watch out everyone -- The Generals are coming!


Trudy said...

Go Anna, go Anna, go Anna!!! :) Tell her we are really proud of her!!!

Lauren said...

YAY ANNA!!! you look so cool!