Tuesday, January 09, 2007

finally...a new bag!

finally...a new bag!
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You'd think this bag is for her, but it's actually for sale in my etsy shop! I finally finished this up and took photos today. I also have a matching credit card wallet and checkbook cover for sale.

As a matter of fact, I have updated the shop with a bunch of new card holders and a couple of new bags and checkbook covers. I plan on adding more as the week goes on.

I am loving this zebra print fabric! It also looks great paired up with hot pink or lime green!

Thanks to my beautiful daughter for modeling for me!


fashionpassion2u said...

I saw your site from someone else's. I hope you do not mind a comment. But, I had to leave one. I love this bag! I love the fabric and the red trim contrast. You did a great job. I then went on your Etsy site and saw your other items. What great fabric selections!

Anonymous said...

Man, A. could easily be a model! :) Trudy

Sakti said...

Really Really Lovely!!!