Saturday, January 20, 2007

it's cozy in here

it's cozy in here
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I've been wanting to make a tea cozy for some time and since I painted my kitchen and made new window treatments from black & white toile, I whipped up this cutie this morning! It was so easy to do and really does keep my tea warm for a long time. I also used some cute white & black print for a little hot mat to place under the tea pot.

A couple of good friends recently returned from a trip to India, and she copied down the recipe for masala chai that she learned to make while she was there. It is so good! The glass jars on the counter are spice jars I got at World Market for 99 cents each and the little mortar and pestle came from there, too. The green cardamom pods and cloves are first ground together before added to the water for the tea. If you've never smelled green cardamom, you don't know what you're missing! I learned from a lady at a middle eastern grocery that you can also add them to your coffee grounds as you brew your coffee for a different kind of treat!

On a cold Winter afternoon, this is my kind of cozy!

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Melissa said...

The tea sounds great! I have neveer tried that one before. Your teapot and cozy are adorable.