Thursday, February 01, 2007

snow day!

Today was the first snow that stuck around for more than an hour in about five years. At least that's what my 9 year old son told me this morning. After waking up to the snow on the ground, we noticed it was raining, so we went out and got the sled out of the shed and played for as long as we could before the snow melted...for two hours...even before eating breakfast!

It's been nice to have a day without any demands for being someplace. Soccer practice has been cancelled, play rehearsal has been cancelled, and school has been cancelled! What more could you ask for? I'm gonna enjoy it while I can, because it will be back to usual tomorrow!

See you later dude!

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Anonymous said...

what a cutie patootie! Mom told me it snowed. I'm jealous. :)Trudy